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Christopher Milburn established Midsummerfilms in 1995...the rest...as they say...is history! With some 20 films behind us, our company has grown organically over time in both resources and aspirations for the future. With a balanced and successful team, we are well positioned in independent filmmaking, to continue making the kind of films that people want to see. To this end we work with talent and strategic partners to ensure that we cover the end to end value chain and not only make films but also get them seen by the right public. And we achieve this by helping filmmakers, producers, developers and creative people fulfil their dreams. Supporting our vision and passion is our technical expertise and ability to deliver, strengthened over time by strategic partnerships with recognised, respected and successful professionals of the industry, from script writers and directors to financiers and distributors, both UK and overseas based.



Chris is CEO, Head of Finance and Producer at Midsummerfilms. When he first started the company in 1995, his role was to develop projects and produce films.
As the company expanded Chris added financing to his production activity and eventually, combining preference and strength, decided to focus his energy on film production.
Chris continues to work on project development for those projects that have a personal appeal to him.
His strongest sense of achievement is brought about by his ability to successfully lead complex preliminary negotiations to closure and fitting all the pieces of the puzzle into the desired outcome.


Matthew is Head of Production and Development and his role and experience very much complements Chris's strengths.
Matthew brings a history of achievements in development and production with BBC and ITV before taking his capabilities to Midsummerfilms in 2004.
His previous work in theatre , writing ,acting and producing also adds to Mathews set to strengths alongside his professionalism , reliability and resourcefulness.


Every company must have its technical support specialist and Bogdan is the IT and Communications Chief Officer at Midsummerfilms.
He had an essential role in the development and maintenance of our own website.
Bogdan’s IT expertise extends to Midsummer Media where he plays a role in developing other companies websites and support technology platforms, providing a strategic capability for Midsummerfilms going forward.


Midsummerfilms was initially set up as a production company in 1995. In 2004 it formed a partnership with AfterDark Films, by Producing the production of An American Haunting. The relationship has continued to this day where Midsummer Films on their productions and their associated productions with Dark Castle Films. In addition Midsummerfilms is also supporting talent and developing projects into actual films, is involved in production, post production, distribution covering the chain between creative and the public. In addition Midsummerfilms has strengthened its ability to independently finance film by working with UK film financiers. Other European strategic partners are Koch (Germany), G2 (UK), and IMGlobal and GFM in Sales


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